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Villa 1 Sanur

Outdoor furniture made from gelam wood is very suitable for use in areas with tropical climates. Gelam wood has high resistance to water and weather, so it can be used for a long time.
  • Client
    Villa 1
  • Location
    Sanur, Bali.
  • Project type
    Villar, Residence
  • Designer
    Gelam Wood Bali

Indoor furniture made of gelam wood can also be used. Gelam wood has a natural and elegant appearance, so it can add aesthetic value to the room.

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Home design

Gelam wood, or also known as dolken wood, is a type of wood that is often found in areas with swampy land, such as Kalimantan. This wood has several advantages, namely high strength, water resistance, and a relatively affordable price.


The quality of gelam wood can be improved by carrying out appropriate processing processes. This processing process can include drying, peeling, and pickling. Proper drying can increase the strength of gelam wood, while stripping the bark can reduce the weight of the wood and make it easier to work with. Preservation can be done using chemicals or natural ingredients to protect wood from pest and fungal attacks.


Gelam wood can be used for various products, such as foundations, fences, pergolas and furniture. To increase the selling value of gelam wood, you can develop new, innovative and interesting products. For example, you can develop furniture products that use modern and unique designs. communication terprises in many elds such as nance.